Welcome to the launch of Bonklana ($BOK), a groundbreaking meme coin that promises to revolutionize community engagement within the Solana ecosystem. Developed by the Shibonk team, Bonklana is more than just a digital asset; it’s a tribute to the resilience and unity of the Solana community. This white paper outlines the fundamentals of $BOK tokenomics, its unique market positioning, and its potential impact on the $SBONK ecosystem.


Initial Supply: The total supply of Bonklana tokens ($BOK) is set at 420,690,690.

Community Airdrop Allocation (15%):

Twitter Airdrop Campaign: Participants can join through Twitter campaigns by commenting their Solana wallet addresses on designated tweets.
Twitter Influencer Airdrop: Influencers promoting Bonklana and the Shibonk ecosystem will receive airdrops as appreciation tokens.
Shibonk Ecosystem Airdrop: Top 100 $SBONK wallets will receive $BOK based on their wallet holding percentage. Shibonk Gang NFT holders can also stake their NFTs to earn $BOK.

Team and Treasury Allocation (10%): These funds are reserved to support the $SBONK and $BOK communities and reward core contributors.

Initial Fairlaunch Liquidity (75%): The majority of the supply is allocated for open market trades of $BOK. This portion will be paired directly with $SBONK, creating a unique trading route ($SOL > $SBONK > $BOK), aiming to increase $SBONK volume and TVL.


The Shibonk team’s mission is to elevate the $SBONK ecosystem to new heights by introducing Bonklana. This initiative aims to bring a new wave of excitement to Shitcoin trading within the Solana ecosystem.

Key Features of Bonklana Tribute to Resilience: Bonklana represents the unity and strength of the Solana community, encapsulating the spirit of $BONK and $SOL.

Exclusive Purchasing Avenue: Bonklana will be available exclusively on Raydium Dex and can only be purchased using $SBONK tokens.

Innovation-Driven Journey: Leveraging ChatGPT technology, the Shibonk team will deploy and manage new Shitcoins on the Solana network, traded exclusively with $SBONK.


The launch of Bonklana is expected to significantly boost the volume and TVL of $SBONK. As traders and enthusiasts, known as Solana Degenerates, engage with high-quality Shitcoins paired with $SBONK, we anticipate a surge in ecosystem activity and interest.

Community and Social Media

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Conclusion :
Bonklana is not just a token; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive and community-driven crypto ecosystem. By participating in this journey, you’re not just trading a digital asset; you’re becoming part of a larger story – a story of resilience, innovation, and collective strength in the Solana ecosystem.


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